Why This European Airline Works With Plot Projects?

This airline wants to improve the experience of its customers by automatically providing relevant and timely flight information directly to its customers and also wants to gather feedback on their experience. Due to the low cost nature of their business, it was important to do this in a low cost, simple and effective way. They turned to Plot Projects.

How This European Airline Works With Plot Projects?

Using the Plot Plugin, this airline is able to create geofences around the airports they fly in and out of. They send one of two push notifications to users as they entered the geofence:

  • up to date information on their flight if they were about to fly or;
  • a “Rate my Trip” survey for people who had just landed

Using Plot Projects they are able to segment the two groups based on the information in their own app.

What Is The Result?

This airline is able to gather huge amounts of feedback very quickly using the “Rate my Trip” survey. This helps them to improve their customer experience and make changes to ensure that their processes ran more smoothly.

The surge in engagement in their customers increases loyalty and the level of repeat business. Push notifications also lead to more alert customers at the airport, reducing lateness and a smoother experience for all.

Want To Get Started?

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