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Geo-Push was 12x times more effective than email at bringing in sales

Who is Entertainment®?

Entertainment is a discount, promotion and coupon provider in the U.S. and Canada. Entertainment has one of the biggest discount networks with nearly 500,000 offers from local merchants, regional and national retailers, and e-commerce brand partners.

Who is Entertainment Promotions?

How Entertainment® Works With Plot Projects?

Entertainment Geo-Push Notification

The ultimate goal for Entertainment is to drive sales for their merchants – both online and offline. They are constantly tweaking and testing different ways of approaching shoppers to maximize the effect of their promotions. For this reason, Entertainment has turned to Plot Projects to start connecting with shoppers in more contextual, real-time and personalized way through the use of geofencing.

In the spring of 2017, Entertainment has collaborated with a prominent national online floral delivery service for their Mother’s Day campaign. The goal was to drive online sales for Mother’s Day special flower bouquets.

Entertainment decided to conduct an experiment and to run promotional campaigns with geofenced push notification and emails. Afterwards, they measured which approach led to more online sales.


Email Campaign

Conversion from email to SALES = 0.015%

Entertainment Email Campaign for Mother's Day

Geo-Push Campaign

Conversion from geo-push to SALES = 0.18%

Entertainment Geo-Push Campaign for Mother's Day

Geo-Push was 12x times more effective than email at bringing in sales

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