How Beblue lifted their retention & revenue

  • 41% Uplift in Retention
  • 49% Uplift in Transactions
  • 77% Uplift in Revenue

Beblue is continuously seeking to offer smarter & more innovative solutions, to boost their retention strategy. In order to be more relevant at the right moments, Beblue has successfully added context and urgency to their app.

By enhancing their user intelligence with rich location and timing data through Plot Projects, Beblue has been able to increase their user retention by 41%, resulting in an uplift of 49% in transactions and a 77% uplift in revenue.

Beblue: innovative payment & customer loyalty app

With over 4 million downloads and a 4.5-star rating, Beblue’s innovative payment and customer loyalty app provides consumers with cashback offers at over 3000 premium class establishments across Brazil. For business partners, Beblue’s platform helps reach a variety of goals, for example:

  • Promoting and crowding a newly-opened place;
  • Boosting short-term sales for leftover stock, or;
  • Building customer loyalty through a long-term partnership.

The challenge

Growing and retaining users

To keep ahead of the competition and continue increasing the share of the Brazilian FinTech market, Beblue is working in two directions: growing and retaining the number of engaged users that regularly check and use the app and expanding their commercial partner network.

The solution: retention through moments

Enhancing customer profiles with rich location and timing data to deliver exceptional experiences

To create a retention strategy that goes beyond bursts of reactive engagement, Beblue has enhanced their customer profiles with rich location and timing data delivered by Plot Projects. This enables them to create exceptional experiences based on customer needs, and at the right moments.

Together with Plot Projects, Beblue has been able to leverage quick wins and long-term gains:

  • Quick wins: building real-world journeys
  • Long-term gains: building behavioral audiences

Quick wins:

Building real-world journeys

Powering user journey orchestration with Plot Projects’ real-world user location data

Beblue powers their user journey orchestration with Plot Projects real-time user location. For instance, they send localized offer reminders to users that have downloaded the app but didn’t make their first transaction, right when users pass a commercial partner’s store and can make use of the offer straight away.

Long-term gains:

Building behavioral audiences

Enriching user segmentation to communicate with the right audiences that are primed for their offer

Using Plot Projects’ rich layer of real-world customer data, next to their in-house artificial intelligence and customer transaction history, Beblue can give their partners a way to communicate with the right audience that is primed for their offer, as opposed to just blasting everyone with promotions. For instance, they can tap into an audience of car owners that are always looking for a great deal and engage them right when they’re leaving for work in the morning.Read full case study

You’re in great company

“Plot Projects is a big part of our user retention strategy, and we feel like we’re just tapping into its potential. We’re planning to use more and more of it in the months to come.”

– Julio Boschi, Marketing Supervisor & Analyst


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