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How Beblue used geo-conquesting to win back inactive users

For apps with a clear offline & deal-based value for their users like Beblue, geo-conquesting can be an easy and enormously impactful win for re-activating those who are straying to competitive locations or are in danger of churning.

Here, we show you in 3 steps how Beblue managed to win back their wayward users in a big way.

About Beblue

Beblue is a leading digital wallet, whose goal is to capture the loyalty of customers based on cashback offers redeemable via their app. They work with commercial partners, providing premium payment solutions for reputable brands across Brazil – such as global restaurant chains and gas stations.

Right offer, right place, right time.

The payments market is competitive, and Beblue knows they need to stand out to stay ahead. On the one hand, they need to empower their partners to capture users’ attention short-term; on the other, they need to work with their merchants to build loyalty by delivering convenient, contextual offers.

They do this by sharing location-based offers enabled by Plot Projects; taking an experimental, data-driven approach to add value for partners and app users alike.


1) Scoping the experiment

Beblue focused on 3 cities over the course of 2 months, within which there were 15 competitor gas stations and 39 Beblue partner gas stations.

From these areas, they identified the group of Beblue app users who visited the competitor locations and therefore did not pay with Beblue (there were 8251).

2) Running the campaign

A treatment group of these users who did not buy fuel with Beblue over 2 months received a special offer to redeem at BeBlue stations.

A control group of 8% did not receive the offer communication.

3) Seeing the results

14% of the treatment group converted (bought fuel with Beblue). 5% of the control group converted. This means the conversion rate was 179% higher in the geo-conquesting group – with a 95% confidence level.

Next steps for geo-conquesting

Beblue plans to map the highest number of relevant competitors and re-run this campaign at scale.

Apps can also go beyond next-best-action to build stronger segmentation, with portable location data you can apply anywhere:


  • FOR INSIGHTS: this type of visitation data can be even more valuable if it’s paired with information like search history. That way, you can really tell the difference between different kinds of deal seeker based on their habits, segmenting and targeting accordingly.


  • FOR ENGAGEMENT: sending messages primarily via owned channels (like your app) means that your competitors don’t have the ability to influence the outcome or message. A multi-touch approach always pays off for consistency though, which is why it’s important to be able to apply your location data across your paid and owned channels via a CDP/ DMP.

How geo-conquesting added value

Plot Projects is essential for us to identify, target and bring back customers who are churning to competitors. Applied on a large scale, these capabilities can positively impact our retention rate and as such, drive our growth.”

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Julio Boschi,
Marketing Supervisor & Analyst

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