New Feature: ‘Once per Location Campaign Messages’, What’s in It for You?

We are constantly improving our geofencing technology to ensure a unique and easy service. Each business has its own requirements and we have been able to adapt our solution to suit their needs whilst also revolutionising the way customers are targeted through mobile.

With our many latest updates, this is our best one yet – “once per location campaign messages”. Essentially, it means that it’s possible to send a campaign message only once per location and only resend it if an app user visits a not-yet-entered geofence of that campaign.

What’s the value of this feature for your app?

This feature brings better relevance for your app users. Less spammy, repetitive and more refined messages will guarantee your app users’ loyalty. It’s particularly useful for apps that:

1. Have offers that differ per location

Location based offers for restaurants.gif So for example, if a coupon app is offering discount deals across different restaurants in the UK, and a customer passed multiple restaurants within London, then the customer would receive a notification every time they pass a restaurant that is offering their own unique promotion. This way, the customer is aware of the differing promotions available at each restaurant they pass and they won’t be overwhelmed with notifications that are all the same. Instead they’ll be receiving different offers in each geofence they pass through.

2. Have locations that are spread out

Location based information for travel The second best part of this feature is especially useful for travel purposes. Let’s say your customer is still in London and they’re using a Santander Bike, except they don’t know where all the docking stations are and only have 10 minutes left to return the bike before they have to pay extra. This is where our update provides app users with relevant notifications telling them whenever they’re close to a docking station. The same can be used when customers are trying to find parking but are not sure where to park.

Bottom Line

This feature is a great asset for any business chain, supplier, or coupon company because it would make their customers more aware of their unique offerings across various locations, whilst also adding relevance and convenience to their mobile service.


Want to know more about geofencing?

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