Small fixes and A/B testing

In this last sprint we kept our focus on fixing minor issues in order to keep improving your experience with our service.


An issue was occurring when we had high density inside a big geofence, the plugin would forget that it already entered inside the big one and would trigger it again. This is now fixed since 3.1.0-beta2 we always keep track of geofences we are inside.

Also a bug was fixed for the feedback screen that was recently released as beta. Finally, the beacon distance was only being calculated when we had beacons around. Now all distances are calculated when we get a location.


For iOS an issue that was triggering the same notification twice, when the plugin was checking for nearby locations more than once in a small time frame is now resolved.


In our dashboard we created our own cookie wall to comply with GDPR.

We also made our a/b testing functionality more accessible and more user friendly. Go to out dashboard and try it out!

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