Safer Shopping in Covid-19 Era with New Mobile Discount Technology

  • PlotProjects ( and Retail Rush ( have found an innovative way to make shopping safer during the Covid-19 pandemic and the new normal that will follow. 
  • This new technology sends discounts to shoppers that are only redeemable during certain time slots. Brands and retailers can then give shoppers a discount if they go shopping during less busy time slots, therefore reducing the risk of busy shopping areas.
  • Currently, both companies are looking for more partners who want to apply the technology and help in reducing crowds. 

As Covid-19 restrictions are slowly being lifted off across the globe, many customers and shoppers alike are left with concerns on the safety of in-person store visits. Busy shopping streets and store peak hours can be concerning to many people. As we ease into this new normal, a solution to avoid busy crowds while shopping is to spread it out during the week.

Time Sensitive Discount Codes for Safer Shopping

PlotProjects supports a new initiative initiated by RetailRush that encourages shoppers to go shopping when it is safest by using discount codes on their mobile phones that are time-related. These discount codes are only available during certain time slots and distributed to shoppers in a way that ensures an even flow of people into stores.  This innovative use of app-based discount codes is an excellent way of ensuring shoppers’ safety in our new post-corona reality.

These discount codes also have an economic upside, helping both consumers spend less while playing a positive part in stimulating the economy that was hit hard by Covid-19. Less busy stores and more time for shopping stimulates spending.

With this ingenious solution, brands and retailers can work together by encouraging shoppers to visit their stores in a safe manner while still generating sales, a win-win situation for customers and retailers alike Retail Rush provides the technology making it possible to distribute individual discount codes with a QR-code or barcode. The shopper can then use this discount within a certain time slot and redeem it at the cash register of many retailers. Retail Rush uses the network for validation and redemption of the digital discount coupons. On a global scale, the combination of Retail Rush and epay has more than 750.000 retail outlets with cash registers (epos) connections in place.

Real-Time Notifications for Better Alerting

PlotProjects powers the technology to measure footfall to points of interest as well as alerting shoppers at the right time and place through real-time push notifications. With this technology, customers know in real-time when and where they can redeem the discount code.

The companies have collaborated for a proof of concept and are now in talks with various brands and retailers to apply this technology. 

Time-sensitive discount codes and real-time push notifications can positively contribute to safer shopping areas during the Covid-19 era.

Brands and retailers interested in playing a positive role in helping customers shop in a safe manner while benefiting from increased sales and revenue can contact Plot Projects at or Retail Rush at

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