Release Notes September 2015: Smoketest with Geotrigger and Appcelerator & Cordova Features

Last sprint we released our new plugin version, this time we release its features for both Appcelerator Titanium and Phonegap/Cordova. We also added segmentation for Phonegap/Cordova. It was possible to run geotriggers on your geofences and beacons, but they would trigger your app cooldown, with this release it is possible to make your geotriggers ignore this cooldown, perfect to smoketest.

Smoketest with geotriggers

You can measure your users by using geotriggers without sending notifications. This allows you to find out where they are, however if you are using an app cooldown, they could prevent notifications from getting sent. We fixed this for you! It is now possible for your geotriggers to ignore the app cooldown, not conflicting with your notfication campaigns.


Ignore app cooldown You can now make your geotriggers ignore the app cooldown!


Try it out now on our dashboard!

Retrieving cached notifications and geotriggers

It is now possible to use the retrieving cached notifications and geotriggers feature on Appcelerator Titanium and Phonegap/Cordova. Both are updated to our latest plugin version 1.11.0-beta. See their github pages for more information.

Github for Appcelerator
Github for Phonegap

Segmentation on Phonegap

Segmentation is a feature we support for quite some time now, however, not yet for Phonegap. Since today you can! This allows you to make your notifications even more specific towards your users as you can determine to which segment certain notifications will be sent.

See our github page for more information.

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