Release Notes September 2015: Retrieving Cached Notifications, AAR for Android and AltBeacon Library

We have just released a new version of the Plot plugin, version 1.11.0! It contains optimisations as well as new features, such as retrieving the cached notifications and geotriggers (read more about it here)! We offer an AAR for our Android plugin to simplify integration and have updated compatibility with the AltBeacon library. We also improved our dashboard even further, read more down below.

Retrieving cached notifications and geotriggers

It is possible to retrieve the list of notifications and geotriggers the Plot library is currently listening to. You can use this to show the user what is near him. This can also be used to see what Plot has loaded for debugging purposes.

It is as of today available for both iOS and Android and will get released very soon for Appcelerator Titanium and Phonegap/Cordova.

For more information about this feature and its implementation, see sections iOS and Android for retrieved cached notifications.

Improvements for Android

We have simplified integration by offering an AAR of our Android plugin. If you are using Gradle this will make integration very easy. We have updated our integration guide, reflecting the changes.

We also made our plugin compatible again with the latest AltBeacon version.

Help page

Our dashboard has a brand new help page! We have made a nice overview of our guides, videos and tutorials in order to help you around in our dashboard.


The new help page The new help page


Try it out now on our dashboard!

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