Plot Microservices Architecture 2.0 is Coming Soon! Release Notes

  • Following in the footsteps of global companies like Netflix and Amazon, PlotProjects has advanced its technology to microservices architecture to handle its growth with more speed, agility and scale. 
  • Ready to roll out soon, Plot Microservices Architecture 2.0 is a bespoke microservice-driven platform designed and built to our specific needs, and capable of handling massive data loads and rapid deployment of our platform and services. 

PlotProjects is incredibly excited about the upcoming launch of Plot Microservices 2.0 which we believe will truly revolutionise our IT infrastructures and support the ever-growing number of new customers and partners on our platform. Our focus is always on learning how to evolve and improve, and this upgraded system increases our ability to handle both our current growth and global vision.

The PlotProjects team has worked hard to build this powerful system which allows us to break down large complex applications into smaller services that can be developed, deployed and maintained independently. It enables our servers to handle a massive number of devices and events, while also increasing our development speed, so we can add more products and functionalities faster.

Why we built Plot Microservices Architecture 2.0

When we built Plot Microservices Architecture 2.0 our goal was to achieve something that was better, faster and stronger. Not only did we want to keep up with the increasing data loads on our servers and increase capacity, but as pioneers in the industry we wanted to make it easier to react to our market’s needs and push ourselves ahead of the competition.

In our previous Plot Monolithic Backend 1.0, tasks were becoming more laborious and scalability was limited. This was inefficient and caused our servers to become inundated with data. But as we’ve grown to offer more services and focus on rapid development, we’ve developed Plot Microservices Architecture 2.0 to better serve these tasks.

Many successful companies like Netflix and Amazon have advanced from monoliths for this same reason and have since achieved phenomenal growth – so it seems like a natural progression for us to evolve our technology and fully embrace the benefits and possibilities that microservices architecture brings.

Plot microservices architecture

How Plot Microservices Architecture 2.0 works

In basic terms, microservices are a set of services that act together to make a whole application operate. This utilises APIs to pass information such as user enquiries or a data stream, from one service to another. Our version, Plot Microservices Architecture 2.0, makes communicating between teams and upgrading services very dynamic and reactive, allowing us to be more resilient in our development.

As pioneers in location marketing for companies with apps, we are always developing new features for our clients. Innovation in location services has never been greater which is why we have been working hard to enhance features like our POI and trip-tracking capabilities. Now, with Plot Microservices Architecture 2.0, we can deliver these exciting functionalities faster and better than ever before. 

The layered approach that microservices architecture offers, gives us the ability to update, deploy, and scale each segment of our backend separately, resulting in a significantly more nimble and robust system. This allows us to be more reactive in the location marketing realm, and support larger clients as well as clients who are growing quickly. 

The benefits of Plot Microservices Architecture 2.0

  • Flexibility & Scalability: Segments of our backend can be scaled and upgraded independently giving us increased capacity. This allows us to handle even bigger clients and support them as they continue to expand.
  • Faster Development & Growth: New and improved features can be added easily without disrupting other core processes. This sets the stage for further innovation and growth, which allows us to deploy new products and functionalities even faster. 
  • Fault Tolerance: A process failure will not bring the whole system down. Plot Microservices Architecture 2.0 provides more robust error handling.
  • Avoids Pitfalls of Monoliths: With monoliths, changes are slow and costly. Plus it’s hard to adapt to a specific or changing product line. With our rebuilt platform, it’s easy for us to modify our system.
  • More Agility: The microservices-driven approach enables us as marketers to be more dynamic and agile when formulating strategies. It’s easy for our team to adapt on the fly to meet current and future market needs.
  • More New Functions and Features: Our industry is constantly evolving and developers can’t always predict what devices will be accessed by the application in the future. Our architecture enables quick changes so we can be more iterative in developing features and new products. 

When will it be ready?

Plot Microservices Architecture 2.0 is almost complete and will be ready to roll out soon. We will keep our clients fully updated and are happy to offer any advice or assistance you might need. For more information, give us a call or drop us an email and one of our team will be happy to help.

How PlotProjects can help companies with apps

Are you a company with apps? Our technology adds the missing contextual layer that will help you win the micro-moments of consumers on every touchpoint of the customer journey, both online and offline.  

Hundreds of brands and publishers use our technology to gain location intelligence, attribute online and offline shop visits, retarget and activate consumers with contextually enriched personalized messages at their fingertips.

To find out more about our geofencing packages or custom app development contact PlotProjects today!

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