Release Notes October 2015: Notification Resendability and More

Campaigns can now be sent only once per location, giving you more control over notification resendability. Also, we have added our Phonegap/Cordova plugin to npm, allowing you to install it through npm. Read the full release notes below.

Notification Resendability: Once Per Location

When allowing your campaign messages (or geotriggers) to be send or triggered multiple times you can choose the time interval, for instance, upon re-entering or every 24 hours. By default every geofence is eligible to retrigger your campaign. We have now made it possible to only trigger your campaign once per location!

Notification resendability
Both notification campaigns and geotrigger campaigns support this feature. Try it out at the dashboard!

See our updated API documentation for more information if you are using the API to create or update campaigns and/or geotrigger campaigns.

Phonegap/Cordova plugin on npm

If you are using Phonegap/Cordova you might know that Cordova is moving to npm. We have released our plugin on npm as well. In case you were using Phonegap Build, this will also work again.

Our npm package can be found here.
Our npm package for android beacons can be found here.

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