Release Notes October 2014: Opening Hours for Notifications

A new release is out, containing a lot of features making it easier to use our product. We have introduced timespans before, but in this release extended their use by providing opening hours for notifications. In addition, you can now fill in hours in your own local time instead of using UTC. Next, it is now also possible to request reports, which will be automatically generated each time period so you can check out your own statistics!

Opening Hours for Notifications

We already have the possibility to add specific timespans to your notifications, allowing to notify app users only on specific times. We now have created opening hours, which make it possible to specify weekly timespans which automatically repeat themselves each week. So instead of having to define hours every week, you now only have to do this once! Check it out on our dashboard.

Opening Hours for Notifications

Example of Opening Hours Feature

Local Time On Dashboard

Before this update, you had to fill in timespans in UTC time for notifications. We have made this easier, allowing you to fill in hours in the local time of the geofence. Having multiple geofences over different timezones no longer requires you to manually calculate time differences. This saves you time converting from your local time to UTC, time you can now spend on getting your geofencing campaigns going!
Please note that for iBeacons, because of the way these function, hours still have to be defined in UTC timezone.

Generated Reports

In our new release it is possible to request downloadable custom reports, containing specific information about your usage of our product. You can for instance order analytic breakdowns per platform, per app version of your app, per hour, per day of the week, per campaign, etcetera. These reports will be generated every specified time period, so you can get, for instance, a daily report of the usage of your app, or a weekly report telling you which days are most popular, the possibilities are endless! Contact us to discuss which reports you would like.

Please note that you do need to have at least a Large account to gain access to this feature. So upgrade today!

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