Release Notes November 2014: Dashboard Changes and Share Debug Logs

We have made some small improvements to our dashboard to make it easier to manage your notifications. The three most important changes are listed below. Also we have made it possible to share debug logs of what our plugin did by email.

Dashboard improvements

The geofence and notification lists now show how many you have. Now you can see in one glance how many notifications you have.

For the people who haven’t noticed it yet, we have a contact widget in the bottom right. If you have feedback or questions for us you can now directly contact us through the dashboard. We have made some small improvements that made it easier to use it.

It is now possible to remove your iBeacon UUID on our dashboard when you decide no longer to use iBeacons. This is useful if you decide only to continue using location based geofencing notifications.

Collect and share debug logs

With our newest plugin (version 1.6.6) it is much easier to understand what happened during testing of our plugin. The plugin logs what notifications are loaded, why a certain notification has been or hasn’t been sent at a specific location and what notifications are offered to the notification filter. With a single method call you can now send this log by email.

The logging is only enabled on iOS when the debug preprocessor macro is defined. On Android it is only enabled when the debug meta-data attribute of the PlotBackgroundService is set to true. When it is enabled, the Plot plugin will store the log for up to seven days and you can send this log by mail.

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