Release Notes May 2016: Segmentation Based on User Preferences & More

A new release today of our plugin as well as updates to our dashboard. One thing we’ve added is the segmentation based on user preferences, for instance, segment on people who have a certain brand as one of their favorites. We’ve added better debugging information to our plugin as well, the debug log now contains device specific information, such as type and OS version. The dashboard analytics have been through a makeover, being split into notifications, geotriggers and reports. Read more about all this in these release notes.

Segmentation Based on User Preferences

We’re introducing a new way to segment your users! You could already segment text properties by equality or inequality but now with partial matching as well. For instance, say you only want to send notification to users who have favorite a specific brand. You can set the property favorite with all the favorites of the user, then set the segment to partial match on a specific brand.

Segmentation Based on User Preferences.png

This new feature will work for any plugin version that supports segmentation, so 1.10.0 and up.

New Plugin Version

As mentioned, we have released a new plugin version. In addition to bug fixes it provides more information inside the debug log. The log will now contain basic information about the device, such as hardware model, manufacturer and operating system version. With this information it should be easier to debug.

Dashboard Analytics

In our latest dashboard update we’ve split up our analytics in three tabs to improve readability. It should now be easier to see which analytics you’re currently viewing. In addition, we’ve got rid of that annoying collapse window in the menu.

Improved Analytics Dashboard.png

Try it out yourself in the dashboard!

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