Release Notes May 2015: Experiments and Requesting Demos

We are introducing new features in this release! For instance, we have released experiments, this allows you to experiment with your notification messages for your campaigns. Doing so allows you to see which messages work and which do not, improving engagement of your customers. We also created a request demo feature on our dashboard, which makes it easier for you to get in contact with us. By requesting a demo we will show you all the benefits of using Plot!


Would it not be great to test which notification messages work best? Now you can! With experiments you can set multiple different messages for your campaign, select a percentage of users you want to target and let the campaign run its course. Afterwards you can compare statistics of the messages and see which one was most effective.


Plot Projects experiments

Experiments can be found by clicking the flask button on the right


With experiments you can A/B test your campaigns and further improve the relevance of your notifications. Check it out at the dashboard.


Multiple experiments

You can set multiple campaign messages and experiment


Request Demo

We try to keep our dashboard as clear as possible, yet sometimes, all features and possibilities of Plot can be overwhelming. To help solve this issue we have introduced a way to request a demo. After signing a short form with your info we will contact you and help you in any way we can.


Request a demo with Plot Projects

Request a demo in our dashboard


More information

In case anything is unclear about these new features you can of course always contact us and of course, check out all these new features on the dashboard!

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