Release Notes March 2016: Notification Inbox & Xamarin Support

We’ve been working on two important features and we’re happy to announce they are now available. The first feature focuses on getting a list of the previously sent notifications and geotriggers from the plugin. The second feature is Xamarin support.

Getting the Sent Notifications

Starting from version 1.14.0 the Plot plugin will keep track of the notifications that have been shown to the user and will provide an API to retrieve these notifications from the plugin. A use case that will benefit from this functionality is having an inbox of the notifications that the user might have dismissed before. Plot Projects will keep track of at most 100 notifications and 100 geotriggers. When there are more than 100 notifications sent, the oldest get removed to make room for the new ones.

Not only the sent notifications can be retrieved from the plugin, but also the sent geotriggers are available. So you can continue to collect location events for the user to retrieve in hindsight, but you don’t have to show a lot of notifications. It is possible to clear the lists when you no longer want to keep the sent notifications or geotriggers, for instance, returning to the inbox example, to clear the inbox for the user.

This feature is available starting from version 1.14.0 for both iOS and Android, including Cordova/Phonegap and Appcelerator Titanium. You can find the latest version on the “Developer tools” page in the dashboard.

Xamarin Support

There was quite a bit of news about Xamarin last week since it was acquired by Microsoft. So you may have wondered, does Plot Projects also support Xamarin? Now it does! Develop for both iOS and Android in one single language, C#, and create platform specific apps afterwards. Unfortunately our Xamarin plugin isn’t available for the free Starter edition of Xamarin, since our library uses native bindings behind the scenes.

The current integration is still basic. Of course you can send out location based notifications using this plugin, but features like segmentation or the notification filter aren’t available yet. This is something we’ll release in the near future. Please let us know which of the advanced features you are waiting for so we can inform you once they are available.

Our library is available from NuGet and we’ve also shared the source code that was used to bind Plot with Xamarin. Just follow a couple easy integration steps and you’re ready to go. Please let us know when you run into issues or have feedback. Just drop us a message when in the dashboard by clicking on the chat button in the bottom right of your screen.

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