Release Notes March 2015: Resendability and Dashboard Tutorial

New release notes, that means new content for you as a user! We have added improved resendability, which allows notifications for Geofences and iBeacons to be sent again in shorter time periods, and we have added a Dashboard Tutorial to get you started with your very first notification!


As you might know we already offer the service of receiving a notification more than once, for instance, every day or every week. This feature has been improved! You can now set this as low as a few hours, or even upon re-entering a Geofence or iBeacon region.

Keep in mind that a time period (or cooldown) which is smaller than 24 hours might be unreliable on plugin versions lower than 1.9.0, so grab a copy of the newest version from the download page on our dashboard!

Resendability option

Set custom resendability

Dashboard Tutorial

To get you on your way in our dashboard we have added a nice tutorial which explains just how easy it is to create your very first notification and geofence. It even shows you where to download our test app to see if you can receive it on your device. Check it out on the dashboard!

Dashboard tutorial

Let us guide you!

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