Release Notes June 2016: Deprecating Single Notifications & Fixing Plugin Bugs

A new sprint finished, which resulted in a dashboard and plugin release! We’ve been taking steps in deprecating single notifications, we’ve done some improvements and bug fixes for our plugin, and we’ve improved our API documentation with regard to the statistics. Read all about it in these release notes.

Deprecating Single Notifications

For some time we have been supporting campaigns, a convenient way to attach a notification to multiple geofences or beacons. Some of the advantages of using campaigns are that analytics are aggregated and making changes is done easily. Before we introduced campaigns we offered single notifications per geofence, we’re moving away from this approach to only offering campaigns.

In this release we have removed the possibility to create single notifications in our dashboard. If you were still actively using this feature, you can have a similar functionality by create a campaign attached to just one geofence.

We haven’t dropped the support for single notifications in our API yet, but we do advise you to migrate to using campaigns. Instead of attaching a single notification to a geofence through the geofenceId, you can attach it by using search keywords or by adding geofences to the geofenceId list of a campaign.

New Minor Plugin Version

We’ve made some minor changes to our plugin, resulting in a new release. We’ve improved testing while charging your phone on Android. We now poll more frequent for the device’s location when this happens. We’ve also improved our header file on iOS, now we provide better type signatures so its clearer what you should expect our methods to return.

API Documentation

We’ve updated our API documentation to make it more visible how to extract statistics about your campaigns. This should help you in analysing which campaigns are most succesful and how you can further optimize them.

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