Release Notes July 2016: Smarter Pagination in Dashboard & Improved Documentation

Today we are announcing a dashboard update; lots of minor improvements, such as more intuitive reminders and pagination in dashboard, all aimed at making your experience with our product as good as it can be! We’ve also done a lot of updates to our documentation, so its even easier to find out how to use us! Read all about it down below.

Smarter Reminders & Pagination in Dashboard

We’re improving our dashboard by removing visual clutter. For instance, paging controls will now only get shown when there are multiple pages. We’ve also toned down our warnings about integrating and updating our plugin. Check it out straight away by going to the dashboard!

Smarter Pagination in Dashboard.png

In addition to visual changes, we’ve also added a feature; its now possible to ignore the app cooldown when using country-wide geotriggers. This will enable you to bypass the app cooldown and analyse your user base country-wide.

Documentation, documentation everywhere!

Documentation is an important thing, especially technical documentation. We’ve made further improvements to our API documentation (how to use regionIds and campaign status) as well as our documentation page (how to use the advertising identifier).

Also check out our new blog post on resource management on iOS.

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