Release Notes July 2016: Analytics per Geolocation

Another finished sprint, another dashboard release! We’ve made lots of improvements, as well as introduced new features, such as analytics per geolocation¬†and automatically expanding or collapsing advanced settings. Read all about it down below.

Analytics per Geolocation

We’ve been offering notification and geotrigger analytics in our dashboard for quite some time. Since this release we’ve expanded this feature by providing region specific analytics. You can now see how well each region is doing, this way you can easily compare which geofences in your campaign are performing well, and which ones aren’t. Beacons are also included. Check it out by going to the dashboard!

Analytics per Geolocation.png


Smart Advanced Settings

Campaigns and geotrigger campaigns have advanced settings, these optional settings were always collapsed, but since this release they’ll be automatically expanded if you’ve used any advanced setting in the campaign.

Smart Advanced Settings.pngThis should save you a click when you’re configuring your campaigns, go see it at the dashboard!

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