Release Notes July 2015: Segmentation, Deeplink to App and Libraries

With our latest release you can now use your own segmentation properties in our dashboard. Furthermore it is now possible to use deeplink to app when opening a notification. And we have added an option to the configuration of our iOS plugin so that it can be used together with other beacon or geofencing libraries.

Use your own segmentation properties

It was already possible for you to create notifications and campaigns via the API with non-predefined segments. This can now be done via the dashboard as well. So if you for example set the age of the user in your app, you can now target specific age groups when creating a notification in the dashboard. Please note that when using multiple segments, the user has to be in all of the segments. For more information have a look at our segmentation guide.

segmentation properties in the dashboard

Using your own segmentation properties in the dashboard

A new option has been added to the actions of a notification: deeplinking to an app. One example of this would be to open a specific page of your or another app when opening a notification. Note that the app has to provide a custom URL scheme. Another example would be to directly link to an app in the app store. Separate links can be set for iOS and Android. Go to our dashboard and start deeplinking to apps right now.

deeplink to app

Set a deeplink to an app in our dashboard.

Limit the number of regions monitored in iOS

If for some reason you want to have multiple beacon or geofencing libraries in your iOS app the iOS Plot Plugin now has a configuration option to make it possible. IOS apps can only monitor 20 regions at the same time and Plot used all of them. The new configuration option limits the number of monitored region that the Plot Plugin uses so that other libraries can use the remaining ones. The other library has to “play nice” as well and limit the number of monitored regions that they are using. Set the maxRegionsMonitored configuration to a number below 20 to use this. See the library reference documentation for more information.

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