Release Notes July 2015: Country-based Notifications

A new release of our dashboard brings you country-based notifications and segmentation on ranges! With country-based notifications you can target all your app users in a certain country, this way you can set up large campaigns that can be activated almost instantly. Our segmentation capabilities are extended, where before you could only segment on equality you can now segment on data ranges.

Country-based Notifications

We have further improved the ways in which you can target your app users for campaigns by adding country-based notifications. When creating a campaign you can now, in addition to selecting geofences on keyword or tag, select a country to which this campaign will be sent.

Country-based notifications

Country-based Notifications

Create country-based notifications for campaigns! Check out these new country-based notifications at the dashboard.

Segmentation on Ranges

It is now possible to be even more specific with our segmentation! Before you could segment purely on equality (e.g. gender, education, etc), with or newest release you can segment your notifications on ranges (e.g. age, length, etc). In other words, you can now state that a notification should only be sent to users who are part of a certain ranged segment (for example, a user has to be between the age of 18 and 35).

Currently this feature is only available through our API and by setting the user segment in your own app. Updated API calls can be found here.

More Information

In case anything is unclear about these new features you can of course always contact us and of course, check out all these new features on the dashboard!

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