Making your life easier – Release notes February 2nd 2018

Last sprints we introduced support on the notification handler for rich push notifications on IOS, this allows you to know the action performed by the user when you send him a rich push notification. We also improved segmentation logging: now it’s easy for the developer to deal with mistakes when implementing segmentation properties. Finally, we updated and refactored our documentation in order to make your life easier when integrating our plugin: now you can find all the documentation in one place.

Added action in notification handler on IOS

Actionable notifications give the user a quick and easy way to perform relevant tasks in response to a notification. Instead of the user being forced to launch your app, the interface for an actionable notification displays custom action buttons that the user can tap. When tapped, each button dismisses the notification interface and forwards the selected action to your app for immediate handling. Forwarding the action to your app avoids the need for the user to navigate further in your app to perform the action, thereby saving time. Once you have rich push notifications implemented in your app we can report back to you which button the user tapped. Further information on how we support rich push notification can be found in our documentation.

Improved segmentation logging

Location-based notifications are already more relevant than regular push notifications, but to further improve the relevancy of your notifications you can segment your users. This feature is introduced in version 1.10.0 of our plugin. The segmentation feature allows you to limit specific notifications to specific groups of users. Now, we print logs when a segmentation is set in order for you to know when a segmentation property is being correctly set.

Updated Appcelerator integration guide (iOS 11)

Due to the latest Appcelerator changes, we improved our guides so it continues to be easy and trouble-free to integrate our plugin. You can find the updated documentation here. To install the Plot plugin into your Appcelerator Titanium app only a couple of small steps have to be performed. Note that this module was developed for Titanium 6.2.2.GA or newer. This plugin supports both iOS and Android.

New structure for documentation

All the documentation is now accessible in one place. You can find this documentation here.The documentation will give an overview of the functionality provided, a convenient manual for easy integration within your app and a detailed list of all provided API calls.

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