Release Notes January 2015: Opening Hours and Notification Landing Pages

We’ve been working hard again on a new release of our dashboard and our plugin. We have made it possible to specify the opening hours directly on the geofences and we have made it possible to directly specify specific notification landing pages.

Opening Hours for Geofences

Often each location has a different set of opening hours and you don’t want to send notifications when your shop is closed. This was quite cumbersome to manage in the previous version of our dashboard, where you would have to create a separate notification for each geofence, each with their own opening hours. When you wanted to use the set of geofences again, you would have to enter the opening hours again.

Now it is possible to specify the opening hours directly at the geofence. This makes it easier to start sending notifications to all these geofences, while honoring the opening hours for each of these geofences. This also opens up the possibility to use campaign notifications with different opening hours for each location.

You can still create specific opening hours or timespans for notifications and campaign notifications. Those will then override the ones defined for the geofence.

Notification Landing Pages

Starting from plugin version 1.8.0 it is possible to directly specify landing pages directly in our dashboard. Our plugin will then open the landing page in an in-app browser. This will make it easier to test your notifications without having to modify and release a new version of your app.

The difference between notifications with a Landing Page and normal notifications is that they bypass the notification filter and the notification handler. When the user closes the landing page, he will return to your app.

Upgrading from 1.7.0

When you are using the iOS version of our plugin, then no extra steps are required. Just replace the plugin files with the files from newest version.

For Android you also have to update your manifest. The landing page introduced a new Activity that must be added to the manifest. The following snippet has to be added to the application element of the AndroidManifest.xml:

  android:configChanges="orientation|screenSize" />

Appcelerator Titanium module for iOS 64-bit

Our library is already available for 64-bits apps on iOS for quite some time. However, Titanium wasn’t up to SDK version 3.5.0. Now that SDK version 3.5.0 is released your Titanium apps can be 64-bit ready as well.

When you want to submit your new iOS app to the App Store after February 1st, then your app must include 64-bit support.

You can download the latest version of our module through our dashboard or through gitTio.

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