Release Notes October 2016: Improved Geofence Creation

During the last couple weeks we have been improving our dashboard to further improve the usability. One of the pages that has received some attention is the page you use for geofence creation and editing. Also we made the workflow for deleting geofences a little bit faster.

We’ve made it possible to see what geofences are already created when creating or editing a geofence in our dashboard. The outlines of the already existing geofences are shown on the map. Ensure you’re zoomed in far enough to see them. This way it is easier to see if there is already an existing geofence at the place you want to create a new one or to see whether it overlaps too much with your other geofences. There is no longer a need to switch back and forth between the Geofences on Map tab and the tab where you are creating the geofence. One use case this can be useful for is to ensure users won’t receive too many notifications when they walk around in that area.

Dashboard Geofence Creation

The color of the circle shows the status of the geofence. When the circle is green, there is at least one campaign active for this geofence. Is the circle yellow, then it will become active somewhere in the future. Maybe the campaign has a start date in the future or the current time falls outside of the opening hours. Otherwise the circle will be red. When the circle is red then the geofence isn’t attached to any active campaign. For example no campaign has been created for it yet or the campaign has already ended.

Have any questions or comments about these features? We would love to hear these. You can start a chat with us from your dashboard by clicking on the blue icon in the bottom right. It is also possible to send us a message through our contact form on our website.

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