Release Notes February 2014: Support for Rich Notifications on Android

A brand new version of the PlotProjects plugin for location based notifications has been released: version 1.5.0 for Android and version 1.5.2 for iOS. These versions provide developers with more feedback during integration and testing, support for Rich Notifications on Android and a small bugfix on iOS. Get it while it’s hot!

Feedback During Integration and Testing

In debug mode the location is logged (or that we weren’t able to determine your location) so that you can see why you did or did not receive a particular notification. For more information on debugging and testing the PlotProjects plugin please check out our blog posts for Android and iOS.

Support for Rich Notifications on Android

With the new Android plugin version you can supply your own Notifications in the Notification Filter. This means that you can use all features provided by Android Jelly Bean and higher to show your users Rich Notifications that expand/contract, have custom action buttons, images and sounds. See the setNotification() method on the FilterableNotification in our Library reference.

iOS Bugfix

Furthermore we fixed a bug that prevented the correct presentation of the percent sign (%) in the message of a notification on iOS.

Get it Now

So do not wait any longer and get the newest release of the PlotProjects plugin through the link on the Integrate plugin page on our dashboard.

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