Release Notes December 2014: Beacon Support for Android and App Cooldown

We have just released a brand new version of the Plot Plugin (v1.7.0)! Two large features have been added in this version, namely Beacon support for Android and a dashboard controllable cooldown.

Beacon support for Android

We are proud to announce that we now support iBeacons on Android. We already supported iBeacons on iOS, but since this release, the Plot Plugin now allows your users to receive notifications from iBeacons on their Android device!

Integrating iBeacon support does require some extra setup steps, to guide you through the process we have created an integration guide.

Of course we have also added this to Appcelerator and PhoneGap, on both platforms we have added a separate module to keep integration optional. For Appcelerator Titanium Studio, you can find the iBeacon module soon in the marketplace. PhoneGap can be found here.

Note that this is entirely optional, if you do not want to support iBeacons (yet) you can upgrade to v1.7.0 and still enjoy the other new features.

beacon support for Android

Dashboard Cooldown

It has always been possible to set an app wide cooldown on receiving notifications through our Plot Plugin. We want to offer an alternative way to change this setting and have thus added it onto the dashboard under the new App Settings tab.

The cooldown prevents multiple notifications from showing up together, only when the cooldown timer has expired can an app user receive a notification again.

App cooldown

Dashboard controlled cooldown

Other changes

Of course every release brings small changes, such as better button control on the dashboard. You can now delete attached notifications directly when editing a geofence or iBeacon, or get a list of the notifications attached without going back to the list overview.

An additional fix we did was the analytics of a single notification, this is once again working!

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