Release Notes December 2014: Android Plugin Update

This sprint has only been a week because of the upcoming Christmas holidays. Even though it was a short one, it still contains all kind of awesome updates! We released an Android Plugin update, enabling more frequent data updates, and we overhauled some pages of the dashboard, including the app section bar!

More Frequent Data Updates with Android Plugin

Our plugin for Android now updates its stored notifications more frequently when moving! Before, the plugin updated its database every hour, which turned out to be too infrequent for users who travel a lot. Especially when the density of geofences was high. We solved this issue in version 1.7.2 by reducing the update interval. Plot Projects even detects when you are moving a lot, so it can adjust its data update interval accordingly.

Android Plugin Update

Dashboard Changes

Our dashboard has undergone some neat changes to improve its look. We have cleaned up the navigation bar by grouping some actions in dropdown menus and adjusted the Geofences and iBeacon icons into more meaningful pictures.

We have also added a new support section to the developer tools to more easily find the documentation you need. It contains links to our documentation, our dummy guide and all integration guides.

Support Section in Plot Projects Dashboard

Support Section in Plot Projects Dashboard

We have also changed our notification creation wizard, it now has a live preview displaying how your notification will show up at a phone screen. This should make it more easy to test if your message is working out. Check it out at our dashboard.

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