Release Notes April 2016: Your Notification Events in Google Analytics

As you might have noticed, we have a new website! We’re still busy replacing our old logo everywhere, so bear with us! Additionally we have just released a new plugin version containing a feature which displays your notification events in Google Analytics , as well as updated our documentation! Read all about it down below!

Notification Events in Google Analytics

Want to know more about your app users? And how they are using location based notifications? Let’s say you are already using Google Analytics but want to tie it together with the Plot plugin. In this new plugin update, version 1.15.0, you can! We offer a new feature, which will sent out notification events, so you can hook these into your Google Analytics, or any other analytics tool you’re using.

We’ve written a more elaborate blog post about this. You can also find technical details in our documentation.

Updated Documentation

Our documentation has also gotten an update. In addition to the new documentation about notification events, we’ve also improved documentation about QuickSync and Swift integration, as well as updating our feature table, so you can conveniently see in one go which feature is supported on which platform. Go check it out!

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