Real-world user profiles: Stop guessing what your customers like and start knowing

Our offline profiling capabilities help you know what your customers prefer based on their real-world habits, rather than solely relying on digital views and clicks.

Missing a big blind spot in your single customer view? Get acquainted with our newly minted user profiles, which enables you to add a location data layer to your customer IDs based on where devices go, and when.

Online-only won’t cut it anymore

Online insights alone won’t cut it for your customers. Using taps, clicks and digital conversions as a single source of truth means creating big blind spots in the shape of physical stores, point-of-sale activities, and out-of-home promotions.

Over 85% of sales still happen offline. Can segmentation based on online-only bevavior really represent your customer?

What are offline user profiles?

With User Profiles, you can close the gap between online and offline and start dynamically enriching customer data with deep real-world insights. User Profiles are available straight in your dashboard. You can integrate them with your customer platform of choice, for instance Segment, Clevertap or Blueshift.

Why you need offline user profiles:

  • Get a complete view of your customer
  • Strengthen customer profiles across your tech stack
  • Handle customer privacy & GDPR responsibly

Get a complete view of your customer


  • Know physical visits: augment your customer profiles and analytics by getting full access to their visit history
  • Understand brand and category preferences: turn blindspots into a complete customer view by adding telling offline preferences
  • Determine next steps for your customers: understand where people go and predict where they would go next

Strengthen customer segmentation across your tech stack

  • Easily sync user profiles: connect offline data with any customer platform of your choice using out-of-the-box integrations and super webhooks
  • Better inform customer segmentation: combine online and offline customer data to create stronger and more telling customer segments
  • Boost engagement campaigns: extend real-world triggers across your marketing landscape with a single source of offline truth to rely on

Handle customer privacy & GDPR responsibly


  • Control the types of data collected: have a complete overview of data types being collected about your user base and determine what’s relevant
  • Easily handle GDPR-related requests: find and process users that ask to have their information altered or completely removed
  • Easily troubleshoot customer complaints: fix user journeys fast through having a clear picture of why certain things have been triggered


You can check out our new product in the dashboard or contact us if you want to know more.

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