In Sync with QuickSync

With our newest release of our Plot Plugin (version 1.13.0-beta) we now offer QuickSync! This is a new way to synchronize your notifications between our server (the dashboard) and your devices. It delivers notifications to your devices faster than our old method, making testing newly created notifications and geotriggers easier.

Lets first explain how our current synchronisation works; every so often our integrated Plot Plugin checks if it is in sync with our server and updates its notifications, geofences, etcetera accordingly. If you would change something in our dashboard, for instance, creating a new notification, it would take some time until all your users’ devices would receive the notification, since they would need to sync with our server.

We have improved this by our new QuickSync mechanism, it is based of Google Cloud Messaging and sends newly created or updated notifications by push to all users’ devices. This way all your users will be able to receive the notifications almost immediately. This is especially useful when testing with our test app or your own integration of our plugin inside your app.

If you want to make use of QuickSync there are some additional integration steps required. See the QuickSync Android and iOS integration guides for more information on how to get this working with your app!

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