PlotProjects Partners With APRR France to Offer Motorists Real-Time Navigation and Traffic Alerts – Press Release

PlotProjects is pleased to announce a new partnership with APRR, the fourth largest motorway group in Europe. The move will see APRR utilizing PlotProjects’ industry-leading location technology to offer its app users real-time alerts for traffic, accidents and more.

APRR manages more than 2,323 kilometres of toll roads across France that are relied upon by around 23 million customers each year. Together with, PlotProjects will provide the group with enhanced location capabilities in their app, to assist motorists with helpful location-based notifications at every stage of their journey.

PlotProjects is proud to partner with APRR France

“This partnership with APRR brings our capabilities to exciting new segments,” said PlotProjects CEO Thomas Joosten. “We are happy to support this project to ensure road travel is safer for the millions of users of the French highway network. This is part of a wider strategy for PlotProjects to deploy our technology in improving safety and digitizing commercial practices with government and privately owned national and global travel infrastructure partners.”

The deal is just one part of APRR’s massive motorway regeneration plan which will see the group offering an array of new services, including installing electric vehicle recharging stations, creating purpose-designed car parks to facilitate car pooling, and developing mobile apps to relay useful information to customers in real time. 

Phillip Nourry, President-Director General of APPR said, “The French motorway model works. We’ve demonstrated it, and the figures prove it. In France, the motorway remains five times safer than the secondary network, even though the number of drivers using our network is constantly increasing (long-term trend of increasing traffic figures). As such, all APRR employees strive to increase satisfaction and ensure the comfort, safety and well-being of our customers. We continue our efforts and make permanent investments so that our network enters a new era at the service of its travelers.”

About PlotProjects

PlotProjects is the leading provider of location-based marketing technology, delivering industry-leading geofencing and beacon solutions to app owners and developers. Based in Amsterdam and active in more than 200 countries across the globe, PlotProjects is a fast growing company with more than 3,000 accounts that range from big brands and organizations to local app developers. 

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About APRR

APRR, together with the AREA road network, manages motorways and toll structures under concessions awarded by the French State. For more than 50 years it has invested heavily along its 2,323 km network to provide efficient transport infrastructures and assist customers at every stage of their journey. The groups’ 3,500 employees (more than one employee per kilometer of motorway) are dedicated to ensuring that every journey is safe, problem-free and pleasant. 

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