PlotProjects Is Now Compatible With Huawei Mobile Services

The PlotProjects team is extremely excited to announce its latest improvement: an upgraded Android Plugin compatible with Huawei Mobile Services

  • The US imposed a trade ban on Huawei in 2019, making newer Huawei devices incompatible with Google services and PlotProjects’ Android SDK.
  • We upgraded our Android SDK to make it compatible with new Huawei devices.

In 2019, the United States imposed a trade ban on Chinese tech giants, Huawei, thus preventing Google from being able to work with them on new Huawei devices. Although older Huawei devices still work with the Google suite, newer Huawei devices don’t have access to Google Mobile Services (GMS).

PlotProjects successfully integrated Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) into its Android SDK, making both older and newer Huawei devices compatible with the plugin, meaning that all devices are now supported through our plugins. 

How Did the Us Trade Ban Affect PlotProjects’ Android SDK

The US trade restrictions on Huawei meant that newer Huawei devices released after May 16th, 2019, didn’t have access to Google apps, services, and updates. This included Google staples such as Gmail, Maps, YouTube, and Google Play. 

The PlotProjects Android SDK was still compatible with Huawei devices released before May 2019. However, since Google Play services APIs were not available on newer Huawei models, our Android SDK didn’t function well on these new devices. 

What Is Huawei Mobile Services

Similar to Google Play services APIs, Huawei Mobile Services integrates a set of core services including 24 kits. Some of these kits allow our Android geofencing plugin to define geofences, track user locations, and send push notifications when users cross a defined geofence. 

Huawei strictly adheres to global privacy laws, including GDPR, protecting users’ sensitive data. 

What Has Changed in Our Android Plugin 

The PlotProjects Android SDK was upgraded to add functionality for Huawei Mobile Services. Our upgraded Android plugin automatically detects the available service then decides which configuration to use. You can access our new plugin via our plugin library.

The plugin is still compatible with Google Play Services and its integration process remains the same.

Innovation, the Key to Success

The PlotProjects and Huawei teams were able to collaborate in order to successfully deploy this new integration. This was achieved by our dedicated development team, who are committed to continuously innovate our plugins in order to support all devices.

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