PlotProjects ( offers help with location data in Corona Crisis

The world is battling against COVID-19. After China, Europe is now dealing with the worst phase of the crisis with many people being infected and everyone else being forced to stay home. The US and the rest of the world are following. China, Singapore and South Korea have shown that the use of mobile technology can help in containing the virus.

Tech companies which got over the initial shock are now exploring new ways to help with the actual problems but also with future issues that will evolve once the COVID-19 has reached the peak and the lockdown can be eased. This fight requires a bit of us all and we would like to contribute.

Considering this, PlotProjects is now actively looking for initiatives in response to COVID-19 and offers our geofencing solution. We make it available for free to any free app or an initiative that could use location intelligence in the fight against COVID-19. 

If you are working on an app or on a project addressing COVID-19 impacts and you need help with geofencing or location data please let us know. Send an email at

How could location tracking be used in the fight against COVID-19?

Examples of apps powered by our geofencing/location technology are:

  • Volunteer platforms to connect various governmental and non-profit organisations with volunteers in vicinity who can help elderly people or infected people.Apps showing which areas are safe to visit and alert on danger zones.
  • Apps for users to communicate if they are sick, immune or unknown to alert others. 
  • Apps recommending users when is a good time to visit a shop and predicting when it is less busy.

How can geofencing of PlotProjects be integrated?

PlotProjects, has all these tools in place and has more than 10 years of experience in geofencing and location data. Many apps with millions of users trusted our technology. If you are working on an app or projects where you need users locations data in the background simply register with Plot Projects and use our SDK, doing so, will provide your app with one of the best location solutions in the market while removing the implementation hassle.

With a few simple lines you can add our SDK to your app, and start warning your users, for example, about danger zones where cases have been detected in the last days. 

To better manage these warnings and not to lose track of them, we advise you to set dates to when the users can receive the notifications. This way these notifications will be in place for X days.

Meanwhile, like we referred previously, we’re deeply focused on helping contain this virus, so we’re currently working on extending some of our features to address covid-19 particularity. If you believe that we can be of use, please do contact us. 

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