Plot Projects News: iBeacons on Android & Dashboard Cooldown

We are proud to announce that we now support iBeacons on Android! It was already the case for iOS, but users can now also receive your iBeacon Notifications on Android devices. To help you integrate iBeacon support, we created an integration guide. We’re that nice.

Use iBeacons on Android!

The iBeacon module will soon be up for grabs on the marketplace for Appcelerator Titanium Studio, and PhoneGap’s can be found here.

Note: you need the latest version of the Plugin to make use of this awesome feature!

Control Cooldown from the Dashboard!

The Cooldown feature allows you to control the amount of notifications your users can receive. The user’s app will be eligible to receive a notification again only when the Cooldown timer has expired, increasing relevance and preventing spamming.

Setting an app wide Cooldown on receiving notifications was already possible before, but had to be set up by a developer. No more! Now, you can now manually choose a Cooldown period under the App Settings tab on the Dashboard.

Upgrade to v1.7.0 !
Cooldown in Plot Projects Dashboard

Happy holidays, and see you in 2015!

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