Plot Projects News: Exit / DwellTime Notifications & Filter for Appcelerator

On a mission to make your Geofencing Notifications even more relevant than before, Plot Projects has built two incredibly useful features for you Exit / Dwell Time and the Notification Filter for Appcelerator. Read on to find out more about them.

Exit / Dwell Time Notifications

By default Plot Projects sent Geofencing Notifications upon entering a Geofence. But now we created 2 brand new triggers which make it possible to send Geofencing Notifications
to people who exit your Geofence or to people who dwelled for a minimum amount of time in your Geofence.
Trigger Notifications on Enter / Exit / Dwelling Time

You can use Exit Notifications to drive customer engagement by sending your app users surveys or review requests, or simply thanking them for visiting your store when they leave.

With Dwell Time Notifications you can make sure you only target people who dwell in your Geofence for a minimum amount of time and not people only driving though your Geofence.

Notification Filter for Appcelerator

Customers using our native plugin were already able to personalize their notifications using our Notification Filter for a long time. We are happy to announce that we can now offer this great feature to our dear Appcelerator customers as well!Please read our blog about using the NotificationFilter to increase the relevance of your Geofencing Notifications.

Plot Projects provides Notification Filter for Appcelerator

Please visit the Plot Dashboard to check out our new features and download our new Appcelerator plugin.

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