NEW Product Updates: Audiences, Integrations, Android 3X & More

How do you learn more about your customers? By understanding their real-world habits. Our new suite of product features and functionalities help mobile leaders uncover offline movements and behaviors, create captive audiences, and make your content move with them:

+ Create more seamless, contextual experiences across every touchpoint

+ Then trigger passive bystanders to take action, through seizing the moments that matter to them.

Take a look at the overview of our releases listed below, and give each feature a click to dive into how it helps you 🚀. If you’d like to get more insights into how our new audiences, targeting or content capabilities can add value to your business, please  log in and check it out or contact your Customer Success Manager.


For marketers

For product managers and techies

For marketers


How to build location audiences

Understand customers’ offline interactions, and enrich audience targeting. 

90% of consumers still purchase at physical stores, and whilst current segmentation tactics are solely based on online behavior, we want to focus on growing opportunities to gather and captivate offline audiences, which are built based on people’s physical movements and the places they go.  

Updates to our audiences feature mean you can use mobile as an access point to new untapped demographics: think frequent runners who are in the market for sportswear, brand loyalists visiting your competitors or train commuters who need a daily coffee fix – and apply them across the tools and technologies you use every day. 

HOW does this work?

Collect and build audiences based on a store or a visit to a place of interest. You can retarget audiences directly in our platform or via your preferred marketing automation/ data management solution.

Home and Work Targeting

Supercharge your conversions by reaching out when users are most captive and want to make time for you.

Home work detection

26% of all marketing falls flat trying to engage with consumers at the wrong moments – which means missed opportunities, and wasted resources.

Home & work detection helps you identify those moments when customers can make time for you when they can sit down and browse through your new collection or order groceries for the week ahead.

It’s available for both engagement purposes, such as notifications and pages, as well as for building profiles with audiences. When choosing a location, you will have an extra tab called context which has 2 options – home and work.


Contextual Pages

Boost user experience by surfacing the right content, when it’s needed. 

Contextual Pages

67% of smartphone users who switch to another app do so because ‘it takes too many steps to purchase or get the desired information’, so says Google.

Contextual Pages helps apps to deliver relevant mobile journeys for users, remove steps to conversion, and increase Return on Investment. It does this by triggering location-based content to reflect where users are, and what they’re doing, as well as who they are. A bonus? Contextual Pages doesn’t rely on notifications, so apps can serve the 60% of users who opt-out of push messages.

New Integrations

Plot Projects integrations

Now, powering your mobile DMP or marketing automation with location insights is available out-of-the-box. 

Our new integrations mean you can extend the smart application of in-the-moment across your preferred software and services – and discover new ways to step up your existing customer experience activities with context.

Try connecting visit history and real-time place-based triggers to your marketing – ads, emails, and push – and start boosting conversions.

Use Case: Closing the Deal

With Audiences, Home-and-Work Targeting and Contextual Pages. 


  • Identify purchase intent with audiences
  • Find the right moment to remind with home targeting
  • Present the right products to increase conversion with pages.



For product managers and techies

Android 3X

With enterprise use cases – millions of places of interest – we wanted to make sure our SDK was hitting zero limitations in terms of reliability of data captured, and notification delivery. 

This update increases the reliability of our SDK. It caters to highly commercial enterprise use cases with high place densities, like city centers and shopping streets.

Read more in our release notes.  

Multiple UUIDs

Our beacon flexibility just got better: now, publisher apps can run beacon campaigns for different retailers and brands, using different types of beacon – meaning more revenue streams. 

Trial Updates

We want to help technical people within potential clients’ companies evaluate our product. We provide an open system to test our product and offer a complete set of insights, so you can get behind the dashboard and see how it works for your business.

Read more on these updates for product managers and tech folk in our release notes.

Try them out

If you’d like to try out the new updates, log into your dashboard and give them a check.

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