New partners! Integrations with Urban Airship and Mixpanel – Release notes 14 September

In the last couple of weeks, we extended the integration section of our documentation further. There are now also an integration guides for our new partners Urban Airship and Mixpanel. These guides make it easy to link events from Plot Projects to your MMA or analytics tool. After the link is set-up, you can create segments inside your the dashboard of the partner and use those segments for targeting. Furthermore, you can also use this connection to send Location Based Push Notifications from Urban Airship. Have a look at our full list of integrations at our documentation.

iOS beacon bugfix

Under certain conditions, exit events for beacons could be missed on iOS. We improved the plugin to prevent this from happening. Version 2.2.0-beta3 no longer has this issue.

Dashboard analytics bugfix

Not all links to analytics in the dashboard pointed to the correct analytics page. This is now fixed. For example, inside the dashboard it’s possible to see the analytics for a specific notification campaign. You can find that link at the Notification Card on the Notification page.

Notification Analytics

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