Location Based Marketing Glossary

LBM, Geofences, Beacons… You are lost with all the complicated terms and abbreviations? You wish you could understand and talk about Location Based Marketing without mixing it all up? Do not lose hope; We’ve got you covered! We’ve put together a Location Based Marketing Glossary for you, so go ahead and check it out.

Here are definitions of terms we probably all thought were Chinese the first time we heard or read about them. We will keep compiling and adding others as they come:


Stands for application programming interface. APIs access databases and hardwares and allow different software components to interact with each other. For example, a company uses an external software to create their geofences and another one to create their push notifications. APIs link databases together so the company can control all the components on the same dashboard. Plot Projects offers an extensive API that allows you to incorporate all the details of your location based campaign into your own dashboard or CRM.

App owner

All persons and companies who created and launched an App. This could be companies whose core is an App (like coupon apps), companies who have a totally different core but created an App nonetheless (most brands) or developers who created their own Apps (like game apps).


A beacon (also called iBeacon) is a wireless device that usually emits in a 0 to 30 meters (0 to 100 feet) radius using Bluetooth. Plot Projects uses them to delimit zones for location based notification in smaller areas.

iBeacon Definition


In management information system, a dashboard is an easy to read (most of the time one-pages) interface that shows all trends, numbers, graphical presentations and other indicators of an organisation’s performance in real-time and in one place.


A Geofence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic areas. They can be used in a multitude of different ways (often for mobile marketing). For example, Plot Projects uses geofences to delimit zones for location based notifications.

What is a Geofence?


Geofencing is a marketing strategy that uses geographical locations to specifically target an audience. For example, advertising banners online use geofencing to fit the banner content to the location of the user. Plot Projects, on the other hand, uses geofencing to allow apps to send only relevant notifications by filtering users depending on their location.

What is geofencing


Stands for Location Based Marketing. LBM is a way to deliver data, information or advertisement to customers based on their (their mobile phone’s, to be exact) geographical location. LBM is Plot Project’s area of expertise.


Stands for Location Based Services. LBS are programs that use location data to deliver features. Their range has massively grown with the emergence of smart phones and social media. They include location based notifications, vehicle tracking services, programs allowing to discover the closest bus stop or supermarket nearby, finding friends around you and more.

Location based notification

Location based notifications are messages that are send to a person when they approach a specific location, for instance a store, a festival or a restaurant. Indeed, Plot Projects offers a plugin that allows apps to send notifications to people entering predefined geofences.

What are location based notifications

Mobile marketing

Any marketing with or on a mobile phone enters in the field of mobile marketing.


Plugins are software components that can be added to a software application. Internet browsers are the most common example of applications supporting plugins (anti-virus, search engine etc.). Plot Projects is a plugin, which means it can be added to an existing app.

Push notification

Message using push technology sent from an app owner to a smartphone device. Push technology is a internet-based communication in which the publisher requests for a communication to be transmitted to the user/receiver as opposed to pull communication that circulates the other way around. Plot Projects takes push notifications to a new level by filtering the potential receivers by location (and more) to only have them sent when relevant.

Other words or related technical gibberish you would like us to add? Let us know in the comments!


What is geofencing & why I need it in my app?

Download the Ultimate Guide to Geofencing for Mobile Marketing to find out more about geofencing and beacons and why to use them in your app.

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