Introducing… your POI database powered by Facebook Places

Stop wasting time maintaining your locations, and focus on engaging your users with our brand new POI database powered by Facebook Places

Adding new locations to your database can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Now, you can skip this step and launch campaigns in minutes.




 Combining Facebook’s global point of interest database of +140 million places, and PlotProjects’ hyper-precise visit and stop detection, is a killer combination. 

Why? Because Facebook Places is organized by category and chains to make your location migration faster, but it’s also powered by our proprietary location-based marketing solution for greater reliability and to-the-meter accuracy. 

Using Facebook Places in the PlotProjects dashboard helps you set up campaigns faster, and make localized targeting smarter, so you can stop wasting set-up time and maintaining your locations, and instead focus on the important stuff – like engaging your users.     


How to use Facebook Places

With Facebook Places, you get access to a ready-to-use global POI database, which you can now use straight from your PlotProjects dashboard. Whenever you create an audience, you can choose from the extensive library of Facebook Places to easily start targeting preset places of interest.  

In the dashboard:

Whenever you create a campaign, you need to…

  •  Select Facebook places where you would normally select locations
  • Fill out different input fields – name, category, confidence level during the campaign set-up
  • Facebook Places can be used across notifications, pages, audiences, and attribution.


More things you’ll like 

  • With our POI database, the attributes of places get updated in the background without you having to do anything
  • We’ve added a sophisticated level of fine-tuning to our Facebook Places integration for more reliable and accurate data insights, such as start-and-stop detection, and location re-checks
  • Facebook Places is used in Facebook and Instagram apps by millions of people around the world, which ensures the reliability of their location data updates


So, in summary…

  • Get started in minutes with a global POI database
  • Use it everywhere – notifications, audiences, and in your customer platforms
  • Greater location reliability powered by PlotProjects’ technology


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