How to Use Geofencing for Travel Apps [Best Practices]

This week in our ‘Geofencing Across Industries’ rubric we will take a closer look at the benefits of using Geofencing for travel guides.

Imagine exploring a city with your smartphone or tablet, headphones in your ears and getting notified when there is interesting information available about your current location.
See how the following examples achieve that with using Geofencing.

Successful application examples

The LandauerWalk app

One of the best examples of using Geofencing for travel guides is currently shown by the LandauerWalk app in the German city of Munich. A German TV channel made a documentary about Kurt Landauer, the Jewish president of FC Bayern Munich who rebuilt the club after the Nazi regime. The LandauerWalk app was then launched to promote the movie.

With the LandauerWalk app it is possible to re-live the life of Kurt Landauer in Munich. When you walk through the city and enter certain locations you receive notifications and access to media about what happened in Kurt Landauer’s life at that location. This way you can do the ‘LandauerWalk’, which is a route through Munich with lots of locations, that played an important role in the life of Kurt Landauer. The locations contain many ups and downs of Landauer’s life: for example the place where Landauer celebrated this first championship title or the FC Bayern office that was destroyed in the Second World War.


The Cajun Coast Travel Guide App

Another clever application of Geofencing for touristic purposes comes from one of Plot Projects’ clients – the Cajun Coast Travel Guide app. The Cajun Coast in St. Mary Parish, Louisiana is known as “a sample of the real Louisiana”. App users that visit the Cajun Coast receive notifications with relevant information based on their location. This way they can receive historical background information, travel routes, accommodations, and many more features that are actually relevant for them.

The implementation of Geofencing into the Cajun Coast Travel Guide app has already proven to be quite effective. Since they implemented the Plot Plugin and began sending notifications, the conversion of their app started to rise and currently has an average of 26%!


Bottom Line

Using Geofencing like the Cajun Coast Travel Guide or the LandauerWalk app can improve any travel guide and make tourist experiences more interesting due to increased relevance and usability.

No need for books or maps, no ongoing soundtrack of a tourist guide that you need to pause every time you switch locations. Location-based history, boosted by the use of media and augmented reality is literally just a few steps away. Basically, the ultimate travel guide!


What is geofencing & why I need it in my app?

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