Easier testing and see what’s part of your campaign – Release notes November 1st 2017

There’re a couple of updates we want to share with you. We made it easier to test your plugin integration on Android. We improved the testing guides both for iOS and Android. An issue with the geotrigger handler in iOS is resolved and QuickSync now works via the Firebase Messaging library. To conclude, we show in the dashboard what geofences and beacons are part of your campaign.

Refreshed test guides and testing in the Android emulator

The new test guides are improved to reflect how our plugins now work at the moment. You find the Android guide here and the iOS guide here. We recommend to first integrate our plugin without using the advanced functionality, then add the more advanced functionality such as the notification filter when needed.

The Android guide now also explains how to use the new Android emulator testing features. Now you can use a fake GPS location provider or specify the location yourself via a method of the plugin. This makes testing on a virtual device or for example on AWS Device Farm much easier.

Improved Android Oreo support

The Android plugin now works correctly on Android Oreo. On older versions of our plugin the background processes could get paused, causing notifications to be delayed when using a notification filter. With version 2.4.0 or newer you’re ready for Oreo. In that version the notification filter works correctly for all supported Android version. Note that, there’s a small migration that you have to do.

Improved reliability of Geotrigger on iOS and bring back compatibility with IOS 9

There was an issue with geotrigger handler on version 2.0.2 and older. Not in all instances, the handler would be called. This is now resolved. You can now also use Plot Projects 2.x on apps targeting iOS versions older than 10. Plot disables itself on those versions.

A new Appcelerator version is now available

The Appcelerator modules now use the latest version of our plugins. The iOS module uses the new UserNotifications framework and the Android module has full support for Android Oreo. Don’t forget that the iOS 11 changes regarding rationale are also required for Appcelerator.

Firebase messaging client instead of Google Cloud Messaging

Since version 2.3.x of our Android library, the plugin uses the Firebase Messaging client libraries instead of the Google Cloud messaging libraries. Look at the new integration guide how to set up QuickSync. The QuickSync guide now shows how to set it up in the Firebase Console.

See geofences part of a campaign

In the dashboard you can now directly see what geofences and beacons are part of your campaign. Click on the geofence or beacon link at the bottom of the campaign info card, after the Locations label, and see the related ones.

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