Draft campaigns and latest Android WorkManager support

This is the last feature update of the year. In the last month, we added support for Draft campaigns in our dashboard, upgraded our Android dependencies and introduced a hook on the location events we receive.

We understand that you may want to create a campaign, but don’t want to put it live straight away. Now that’s possible with the Draft campaign feature. You can create a campaign that starts in a disabled state. Later you can enable the campaign and your end-users start to receive the messages. A use-case for this function is to create a campaign and have a colleague review the message of the notification.

We released Android 3.10.0-beta. This beta version depends on AndroidX instead of the old Android Support Libraries and it uses WorkManager 2.2 instead of WorkManager 1.1. This change makes it easier for you to stay up-to-date with the latest libraries.

In plugin version 3.3.0 for iOS and 3.8.0 for Android we introduced support for receiving location events. Every time the plugin detects the location of the device, it calls a hook you can define. A use-case for this functionality is localizing your app’s content based on device location. We’re curious about what use-cases you come up with.

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