Announcing PlotNews – Our New Monthly Newsletter

With our first issue nearly complete, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new email newsletter, PlotNews! Our first issue will be sent this month, and we’ll be regularly posting to update you with all the latest industry news, technology updates and special offers right to your inbox.

PlotProjects newsletter

The new resource will be in addition to our website and blog, allowing us to provide you with curated snippets and valuable updates tailored just for you. You’ll get exclusive access to free guides, helpful articles and exciting offers and competitions, plus a behind-the-scenes look at we’re researching, designing and building to inspire new ideas and provide benefit to your business.

We know that people regularly receive large amounts of emails, so our goal with PlotNews is provide something genuine, valuable and beneficial to our readers. We chose a monthly schedule to ensure that our emails are never overwhelming and that the content we send is always relevant and welcome.

As with everything we do at PlotProjects, your feedback is important to us so we’re excited to know how you’re engaging with PlotNews over the coming months. We welcome any feedback you may have and will endeavour to take your comments on board.

Happy reading! From the PlotProjects team

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