Android Plugin 3.4.0-beta and Xamarin 3.0.0 – Release notes 12 December

As the end of the year approaches, in this month of December, we strive to provide the best product as we did all year round. More specifically, this past couple of weeks we worked on new Android and iOS beta and stable releases. We also updated our Xamarin plugin to the latest stable versions.

QA devices for iOS and Android

In our latest beta versions, Android 3.4.0-beta and iOS 2.4.0-beta, we introduce a new feature: when the app is in ‘debug mode’, there is an error reporting pipeline triggered so that we can easily address the issues you might run into and then support you more efficiently. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more info!

Android 3.2.2: App usage analytics

In this Android version of our plugin we support app usage analytics. Specifically, we detect when a user opens/closes the app, which can be useful for creating insightful reports.

iOS 2.3.0: Provisional push notification permissions

In this iOS version of our plugin we offer support for iOS 12 features: provisional push notifications and group notifications (find more information in our documentation). We also offer more reliable beacon triggers and support for Contextual Pages.

Xamarin 3.0.0: update to latest stable SDKs

Updating our Xamarin project with the latest stable plugin versions gives the Xamarin users the possibility to use all our latest cool features. Check out the integration guide in our documentation!

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