Android “Notification Status” and iOS beacon improvements – Release notes 3 September

In these last sprints that culminate with the end of August, we have been working to provide a better and more complete documentation, with improved explanations and partnership guides. A new feature was also introduced to the Android Plot Projects SDK to facilitate testing, especially useful in new integrations. The beacon support in the iOS SDK was likewise enhanced, after the fix of some bugs. Additionally, segmentation properties and opening hours were added to Contextual Pages campaigns.

Documentation and guides

If you wish to know more about the use of multiple beacon UUIDs with our SDK’s, now you can check our iBeacon support section. Furthermore, we added one more partnership guide, this time for Leanplum. This partners guide will help you through all the necessary steps (for both Android and iOS) to combine Leanplum with the power of the Plot Projects SDK. Last but not least, the testing tool “Notification Status” for Android also has its own section (Chapter 4.3). In chapter 4.3, we explain how to integrate and use, as well as, detail the meaning of each field available in this testing feature.

Android “Notification Status” and iOS beacon improvements

This latest version of the Android SDK (3.1.0), includes a feature that helps detect integration problems and verify the current status of the Plot Projects SDK right on the app. Considering that our SDK runs mainly in the background, it’s hard to verify the status of the plugin at a given moment. The “Notification Status” page, intends to facilitate debugging and accelerate the integration of the Plot SDK in apps. It’s composed by a page that shows the most relevant info about the current Plot plugin status, such as when was the last data update and where was the last registered location along with the proximity/status of geofence and beacon notifications. This feature is already available in the Plot Projects Demo App via Google Play Store

Some fixes were made to the iOS SDK, which improved the beacon support in terms of battery usage and overall reliability.

Improvements to Contextual Page campaigns

We also enriched the Contextual Page campaigns with features already available for the other types of campaigns, namely segmentation properties and opening hours. You can now customize even further and unlock the potential of Contextual Page campaigns by using these settings when creating/editing a new campaign on the Dashboard.

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