Android 3.9.2-beta2 & iOS 3.2.0-beta4 and SFTP support

In this last month, here at Plot Projects, we dedicated time to “ironing” some SDK bugs for both Android and iOS, adding a new feature to the Dashboard and improving our reporting support.


In the Android SDK, we solved two bugs namely one related to the disabling of the product, in which, there was still activity from Plot after disabling it. And another regarding duplicate notifications in some corner-case situations. These fixes resulted in the release of version 3.9.2-beta2.


The dashboard’s audiences page got a small explanation wizard that intends to clarify the use cases and potential of this feature. If you’re not using this feature, be sure to have a look, to start leveraging on how your customers behave. 


We introduced an alternative reporting option to the already available (Dashboard, S3 buckets, GS buckets, Webhook), we’re glad to announce that our reporting system now supports SFTP connections. Talk to your customer success manager for more information about this feature when you’re interested.

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