Android 3.5.0-beta, release of 3.4.0, & more

As the first month of the year reaches its end, our team focused on releasing new cool features for our Android SDK. We’ve also worked a lot on improving our documentation to make it even easier to use our product!

Ongoing notifications

Our Android SDK 3.4.0 introduces a new feature, “Ongoing notifications”. This feature surpasses the limitations imposed by newer Android versions and allows more frequent background execution, which improves our plugin’s overall performance. Find more about this feature in our documentation.

With this release we include a bug fix in the geotrigger campaign feature: the placeholders in the message and data field were not set properly, which is now resolved. Another bug with segmentation on campaign history not working correctly for geotrigger campaigns we also fixed in this version.

Android 3.5.0-beta

Our newest beta introduces an experimental combined monitoring mode. Check out our documentation on how to set this up. It also offers a more reliable way of scheduling background work along with an improvement on the accuracy of triggering polygon geofences.


Regarding Contextual Pages, we have made some clarifications on what integration steps are required to use this feature. Last but not least, we have added how-to guides for using the advertising identifier, and user ID both for Android and iOS.

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