Android 13.8 Release Offers Improvements for Beacons & Notifications

We’ve recently released Android 13.8, the latest version of our Android plugin. The latest release includes improvements for AltBeacon library auto-detection and fallback, as well as some fixes and improvements for notifications.

Release 3.18 went live on September 30, 2022 followed by Release 3.18.1 and 3.18.2 on October 12, 2022.

Android 13.8 release includes the following updates:

  • Removed Nearby beacon library.
  • Improved AltBeacon library auto detection and fallback.
  • Fixed an issue with notifications being recorded as sent.
  • Improved fine grained reporting on the status of notifications permissions.

Improvements for beacons

We’ve rolled out a few enhancements to improve beacon performance, including improvements for AltBeacon Library auto-detection and fallback. We’ve removed the Nearby beacon library, and improved support of beacon distance on Android using the AltBeacon library which is now the default beacon library.

You can find out how to enable the AltBeacon library in the Config File section of our Documentation as well as the Android Integration Guide.

Fixes and updates for notifications

We also made improvements to notifications to ensure detection of notifications permissions before notifications are sent. Plus, we’ve introduced auto-detection of app’s main activity to handle the opening of notifications when one was not provided at plot.init.

In terms of fixes, we fixed an issue that was causing notifications to be recorded as sent even when the app doesn’t have permission to post notifications on Android 13. Notifications analytics now consider notification permissions before registering a notification sent.

We’ve also improved fine-grained reporting on the status of notifications permissions to include a paused state. You can download the library and example here or check integration here to try out all the features.

You can find Android 13.8 release and all other versions on our Downloads page. Make sure to check out our full Documentation for the most recent detailed technical information. 

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