3.x Country Push support, Android Q compatibility & Dashboard updates – Release notes 8th of July

Time doesn’t stop and here at Plot Projects, neither do we. Our effort this sprint was focused on bringing country push support for Android. Furthermore, we also updated our Android SDK to be up to par with the new Google’s OS release, “Android Q”. The dashboard also got some performance updates and bug fixes.

Android Notice: The new release, version 3.8.x, of the SDK uses minimum API level 16.

Country Push

On version 2.x of our SDK for both platforms, we supported an entire country as a region of a campaign. However, this feature was dropped in the earlier versions of 3.x and its support was brought back in the latest version of the Android SDK (3.6.8) and will be available for iOS on a next release.

Android Q compatibility

Even though Android Q is still on a Beta stage, we need to consider the changes that this new OS brings and how they affect the flow of our product. Taking this into consideration, we researched and updated our Android SDK, in order, to comply with the new location standards set by Q and guarantee that the user experience on your side is as smooth as before.

Dashboard updates

The dashboard was experiencing some slowness when loading the locations list, especially in apps with large amounts of regions. This slowness was now mitigated and load times are now acceptable. We also noticed a bug when editing a campaign with multiple external regions and an issue with the download of a CSV list which included polygons and regular geofences. Both issues were solved.

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